Boris' Beta Tester Page
(Last Updated: 11-30-2013)

This new Web Section gives Select Boris Users access to Boris software before it is made available to Boris Software Users. In this way, in exchange for early access, Boris gains another pair of eyes playing against different casinos/venues that other users might not play. Through your software use and feedback reports, Boris can be made into the Ultimate Blackjack Software.

This web-section has been in the concept stages for sometime, the need being established as dedicated Boris Users such as yourself help me to put Boris' Blackjack (and soon Baccarat) software thru final tests as we shake-loose anything that may be lurking to "crash" the software. As each 4.47 update is released this year, you will be given advance notice of it.

How You can help Boris to Help You

To make your job easier, I have listed below some ideas for things you can do to submit your software testing findings.

1. When you play against Boris, please select a Game# in advance and make a note of it.
With the .ENV file you used and the Game# you chose, I am more able to re-create the problem you are encountering.

2. When at the Blackjack table, enable Auto-Save (Ctrl-F11), instructing the .ENV file to be saved every round.
It is recommended that you Save-AS the file under a DIFFERENT NAME the 1st time (so as not to overwrite the original).
This will give us a "Snapshot" of Boris in the round JUST BEFORE any problem(s) occur.

3. Should you receive an error or a "crash" message, BEFORE DOING ANYTHING, Press the [PRT SCR] button.
(On slower computers, the screen may briefly blink.) You have now captured the ENTIRE screen in the Windoze Clipboard.
Bring up your favorite picture making program (I simply use Windoze Paint (Pbrush.Exe I believe it's called) cuz it's free and available).
After bringing up the program, paste the Clipboard (press Ctrl-V) into the picture area and save it as a .JPG or .GIF file (.Bmp's are OK too, but they are MUCHO Grande in size).

4. Compose an e-mail (to the address below) describing the problem(s) you encountered.
It is useful to know what keys you pressed or what actions you observed from the time the round began until you encountered the problem later in that round.
Please tell me the Game# you began that playing session with and attach the .ENV and .JPG/.GIF files if you have them.
While we can investigate software problems based on your reports alone, very often, the old adage "a picture is worth a 1,000 words" says it all

5. If you install Boris in a Folder other than the default (C:\Program Files\Boris for Blackjack) please include the folder/directory name in your information, as it may be a significant clue to the problem. While Boris supports installations in other folders, occasionally an old reference to a specific path is discovered; which luckily is easily fixed.


There may be other ideas that come to mind which I will post here as the come to mind.

To gain Beta-Access, you MUST be on the Beta-Tester list.
Beta-Testers receive private e-mails giving them access to Boris' various Beta-Downloads.

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Thank you for your Input and Assistance!!

If you have further questions regarding

Boris' Beta-Testing Web-Section,
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